GOT7 thanks fans for 3 million views for “Just Right” MV

After releasing their music video for “Just Right” only two days ago, GOT7 has already achieved 3 million views.

Dropping their music video on July 13th, two days later GOT7 reached their goal of 3 million views. Additionally promising a dance practice video for “Just Right” if the music video reached 3 million views, the members of GOT7 did not expect it to happen so fast.

In hopes of keeping it a surprise, GOT7 would like to make their comeback stage before releasing the dance practice video. So instead of releasing their dance practice right away, they have prepared a thank you video while dancing along to “Just Right” just until they make their comeback stage.

Although it’s not the same as having a dance practice, GOT7 nonetheless gives fans a good laugh with their “thank you” video.