[★VIDEO] GOT7 transforms from boys to men for “NYLON TV KOREA”

GOT7 dresses in bright and playful clothing while also showing off their masculine expressions in their latest photo shoot for NYLON TV KOREA.

In their latest photo shoot with NYLON TV KOREA, GOT7 bundles up in warm and colorful sweaters for the fall season. While wearing turtle necks and overalls, topped with messy hair styles, the members attempt to appear the same way as a young child would. However, the boys manage to transform the childish outfits into a more mature look by putting on serious and unflinching facial expressions.

Additionally, GOT7 tells fans to support their newest album Identify which was released on November 17th. They hope that fans will show lots of love and support for their comeback. GOT7 member Jackson also interrupts, telling the fans to also show much love to their leader, JB.

Check out their photo shoot below!