GOT7 unveils first wave of image teasers for “Fly” + trailer

On March 14th, GOT7 unveiled the first set of image teasers for their springtime comeback with Flight Log: Departure.

The set of images shows three shots, one in black and white and two in faded color. The boys showcase a more mature and pensive look in the images as they carry light expressions to match their pastel-themed outfits.

In addition, the group follows on the release of their tracklist teaser with a trailer video. In the video, the members are shown having fun while in a van travelling together and filming their escapades while on the road. The cheerful laughter of the clip is interspersed with different music genres, ranging from acoustic to synth-heavy to old school pop-rock.

It seems that behind the colorful travels, a darker story is waiting to be told.

Flight Log: Departure is set to be released on March 21st and features title track “Fly.”

Check out the trailer and images here:


Posted by GOT7 on Saturday, March 12, 2016