GOT7’s “Dream Knight” releases first trailer ft. Song Ha Yoon

Following the release of several teaser photos, on January 8th a video trailer has finally been revealed for the upcoming web drama Dream Knight featuring GOT7 and Song Ha Yoon.

A JYP Entertainment produced web drama, Dream Knight stars GOT7 and Song Ha Yoon which also features miss A’s Min, 2PM’s Chansung, 2AM’s Jinwoon, and J.Y. Park.

The teaser casts the audience in a mystical setting in a castle tucked into the mountainside. Female lead Song Ha Yoon wanders in the windy corridors, following a wispy light that then turns into JB. As the two begin to dance, Jr. appears as a challenger.

The rest of the members of GOT7 apparate into the scene, with Jackson, Youngjae, JB, and Mark dressed in white and Yugyeom, Jr., and BamBam dressed in black. The group challenges each other with dance, appearing to ultimately be competing for Song Ha Yoon’s affections.

Dream Knight is set to premiere on January 27th and can be watched on Youku Tudou or Navercast TV.

Check out the dramatic trailer here:


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