GOT7’s Jackson praised for his popularity and hot body in “Taste of Others”

The premiere of JTBC’s new variety show program titled Taste of Others has been off to a great start with netizen praise abound for GOT7’s Jackson.

The JYP Entertainment boy group member acts as one of the main cast members in this new variety show also featuring comedian Yoo Byung Jae, model Stephanie Lee, and variety persona Yoo Se Yoon.

In just the first episode which aired on November 11th, fans were delighted to see the idol in his natural environment as he bared his chest while getting ready for the rest of his day. His lively personality soon appeared as he performed routine tasks such as watering his plants and eating vitamins. However, a battle against the bugs soon took up his time as he used his electric flyswatter to purge his room.

Next, seemingly bored at home, he had a short chat with J.Y. Park who like a parent consoled Jackson into eating healthier. He shared that eating vitamins and organic foods would allow the young star to dance even in old age.

Netizens took a huge liking to Jackson’s performance in the variety show, already having proven himself a fan favorite in Roommate. Check out some of their comments below:

1. [+467, -20] GOT7’s Jackson is also there! Oh I’m so looking forward to it!!!

2. [+391, -50] Jackson TTTTTTT, I definitely won’t miss it.

3. [+347,-45] Jackson!! You won’t have time to rest anymore (right after comeback activities). It’s probably going to be very busy T.T. Please remember to have your protein food with you. Fighting! <3

4. [+107, -9] Jackson is already being an MC for Inkigayo and many other shows that have Chinese. And now he is being so hot as an entertainer too.

5. [+59, -2] Woah! Jackson is just the perfect choice for this kind of show though!! The entertaining skill of the other members are not a joke either! Jjang jjang!!

Relive some scenes here:

Source: OSEN