[★VIDEO] GOT7’s video teaser for “Just Right” features Junior’s co-star Lee Ja In

GOT7 has released their first video teaser for “Just Right” and it looks like the music video features Junior‘s My Love Eundong costar Lee Ja In.

The video opens with GOT7’s “She’s a Monster” playing in the background, as actress Lee Ja In sits teary-eyed in front of a mirror trying to massage her face with a roller (commonly believed to slim down one’s face).

However, just as she lets a tear fall, the faces of GOT7 appear on the screen with an addictive sound and a snare drum beat. Lee Ja In’s vanity begins to shake along to the beat as well so she peers into the drawer that is about to pop before the video teaser cuts off.

Lee Ja In starred opposite GOT7’s Junior in the recent drama My Love Eundong as the younger selves of the main couple. Junior has since received praise from the cast and crew for his acting and care for Lee Ja In off set, and singer Byul revealed that she hopes her son, Dream, will grow up to be like Junior.

It seems the boys are taking on a more fun and playful concept for their summer track as they play around at the carnival in their previous teasers and this video teaser indicates nothing less. GOT7 has been teasing fans with a series of group, individualconcept photos, and track list for their comeback Just Right. It was revealed that their new title track was created in collaboration with Grammy Award-winning group Jackie Boyz, and Just Right is set to be released at midnight on July 13th (KST).

Source: XSports