[★VIDEO] GOT7’s Yugyeom: To sneeze or not to sneeze?

GOT7 released a Christmas greeting through Smart School Uniform’s Kakao Story where fans caught a funny moment when they noticed Yugyeom trying not to sneeze during their introduction!

The Christmas greeting was recorded when GOT7 members had their photo-shoot earlier in the year for the uniform company, and the full video was released on December 25th.

In the video, the members show off their personal charms and wish IGOT7s and Smart School Uniform followers a happy holidays. However, during their introduction, maknae Yugyeom is spotted making funny faces. Upon closer review, fans realized that he was trying to refrain from sneezing! The vine went viral immediately with heated response as fans expressed their love for the maknae’s adorable moment.

Smart School Uniform later uploaded a new version without the quirky moment but fans have still been buzzing about the original version! Check out the videos below!

You can also see GOT7’s alternate Christmas greeting along with fellow endorsement models B1A4’s Christmas greeting on Smart School Uniform’s Kakao Story.