Gummy makes a comeback with “The Only Thing I Can’t Do”

After promising an April comeback last month, solo singer Gummy finally released the music video for her new track “The Only Thing I Can’t Do.”

A ballad that fits perfectly with Gummy’s signature style, “The Only Thing I Can’t Do” highlights the singer’s control and range, as well as her excellent portrayal of emotion.

The music video itself focuses around a woman who has just recently been dumped by her boyfriend for a reason he cannot disclose, leading to both confusion and frustration on her part.

Distraught by the recent events, the woman finds herself walking to a train station, where she sees her ex-boyfriend laughing while talking on the phone, fueling her disappointment and depression. Her ex-boyfriend eventually catches a glimpse of her, but when the train passes by, she vanishes, leaving only a box meant as a gift before their breakup.

After 10 months since releasing music, the singer has made a comeback with a remake album. According to the video description, “Gummy, who has been always showing great music beyond expectations with sensitive feelings and appealing voice, reproduces the masterpieces of male vocalists in 90’s in her own style. The title song ‘The only thing I can’t do’reinterprets the song of Park Hyo Shin, which shows the pop style of the 90’s as well as the delicate feelings, in Gummy’s live emotions and sad voice. The song made by dramatic arrangements shows attractive harmony of Gummy’s energetic and premium voice and rich sounds naturally.

Make sure to check out the emotional music video for Gummy’s version of “The Only Thing I Can’t Do” below: