Gummy performs “Snow Flower” on Jung Ohee radio show

On October 26th, MBC released a video clip of Gummy singing “Snow Flower”, an OST for the SBS drama That Winter, The Wind Blows. 

The veteran singer displayed her powerful and soothing voice by performing the song live in front of a small studio audience. While singing the song, Gummy showed incredible control of her voice and sang with a great deal of emotion. “Snow Flower” was quite popular for an OST and performed well on music charts – Gummy even sang it on the music show Inkigayo. The ballad definitely adheres to Gummy’s signature style of music, and its sad lyrics really invoke the feelings of winter.

The 34-year old singer recently finished her 2-day solo concert “Fall in Fall” before releasing the ballad “Nowhere to Go” on October 20th. Gummy continues to show why she is so renowned in the Korean music industry by displaying talent that has not faded away.

Watch the video below and enjoy Gummy’s performance of “Snow Flower”!