Half-Black, Half-Korean Singer Shares Her Story Of Being Bullied Through Her Song

Singer Michelle Lee made an epic comeback on the music show Nation of Hip Hop with her rap performance that left the judges stunned.

Michelle originally appeared as a contestant in the first season of K-Pop Star back in 2011. Her soulful voice impressed the judges and, after singing “Love on Top” at her audition, she was often compared to American singers like Beyoncé.

In case you missed it, check out Michelle’s amazing audition for “K-Pop Star”:

Although Michelle did not emerge victorious from the contest, YG Entertainment signed her. They intended for her to be a trainee and eventually debut under a new group. Before the group could debut, the whole concept was dropped and Michelle was back to square one.

Michelle has since made a comeback with her own solo album that includes the single “Without You”. The single tells her personal story of pain, having been raised by a single mother who was left by the father before Michelle was born. The music video depicts Michelle’s emotional childhood as she was bullied during her childhood for her dark skin (she is of Korean and African-American descent).

Take a look at Michelle’s emotional music video below.

Michelle’s music has evolved and taken on an entirely new style since leaving YG Entertainment. She recently appeared on the new music competition show, Nation of Hip Hop, which invites professional and amateur rappers onto the show.

Michelle’s amazing presence on stage shocked the judges and they were all left in awe of her amazing talent. The judges later compared Michelle to other female rappers like American rapper Missy Elliot.

Take a look at Michelle epic performance below.

Source: Naver