Han Dong Geun covers “Falling Slowly” with trainee Min Kyeong

On December 5th, Han Dong Geun shared a touching cover of the popular OST from the movie Once, “Falling Slowly.” Pledis Entertainment trainee Min Kyeong contributed her sweet vocals.

A popular song to cover, “Falling Slowly” is known for its beautiful harmonies and melodic story telling. In this rendition, the two singers give the track a very gentle and innocent feel.

Seating at a cafe setting a short distance away from each other, Han Dong Geun and Min Kyeong seem to tell a different story from other covers. Back to back the entire time, the two tell a story that seems to revolve not about a relationship that is forming but rather a love that needs to be saved from “Falling Slowly.”

Min Kyeong delivers her impressive high range while simultaneously showing off her crisp voice. This style complements Han Dong Geun’s deep and husky sound. The artists put their own twist on the harmonies, showcasing their skills and talents even further. Adding a final touch of elegance, the simple piano background allows the full force of the emotional and musical climaxes to shine through at the refrains.

Take a listen to their lovely duet here: