Han Dong Geun releases heartwrenching “Unread” MV

On December 9th, Han Dong Geun released the music video to “Unread” off his second digital single, Unread.

Known for his low and husky emotional voice, the winner of MBC‘s Birth of a Great Star 3 brings fans another heartwrenching ballad. Titled “Unread,” the track opens with a peaceful focus on the lightness of Han Dong Geun’s singing style.

Listeners are carried into the story with the melodic steadiness and the star’s each breath moves the song forward. The full harmony and high notes complement the raspiness of his voice.

The bittersweet music video uses motifs of nature to compare the male and female leads after their love has ended. While in the female’s room the candles burn out to no consequence, the male’s small campfire is fed by their old photograph. Again, where water is a vacation and relaxation for the female in her hot tub, the ocean becomes an aggressive force, stranding the male on a rocky island.

The power vocalist recently also shared a cover of “Falling Slowly” featuring Pledis Entertainment trainee, Min Kyeong.

Check out “Unread” below: