Hanhae releases MV teaser for “Man of the Year” featuring D.meanor

After Hanhae released a teaser image for his first solo album, 365Brand New Music released the music video teaser for his upcoming track, “Man of the Year” which features D.meanor

On January 26th, Brand New Music released the teaser for “Man of the Year,” where PHANTOM’s Hanhae is seen surrounded by girls at a party while the music video also focuses on a what looks to be the female lead holding an award. Towards the end of the teaser video, D.meanor was spotted as he was clothed in a snap back and a white sweater as a glimpse of “Man of the Year” was playing in the background.

Hanhae is set to have nine songs on his solo album, 365, where the artist composed and produced all of the songs. 365 will include a variety of emotional song and collaboration tracks.

“Man of the Year” is schedule to be released on January 30th KST.