This Is What Happens When You Put The BTS “Gwangsan Kims” In Fancy Suits

What do you get when you put handsome and handsome together?

Say hello to the “Gwangsan KimsJin and V! We were able to see these two in action at the 2019 Mnet Asian Music Awards. Although there are three members of BTS with the last name Kim, V and Jin are from the same Gwangsan line while RM is a part of the Gangneung line.

We’re not here to judge who looked better in their amazing renaissance style tuxedos. We’re just here for some major eye candy. I mean handsome + handsome can only equal perfection!




How can a person look flawless in such a close-up photo?



I guess it’s no big deal for these two!



Honestly it doesn’t even matter what pose they make.




They’re going to look like kings doing it anyway.






Can someone’s features be this gorgeous?



Even his hands are perfection.












Who’s still breathing after this stare?



I guess flawless kings run in the “Gwangsan Kim” line!



It’s obvious that they look gorgeous dressed up, but how is it that they can look perfect even in every day life?











And because we can never have enough of the “Gwangsan Kims,” here are a few bonus clips of them just being amazing.




Source: theqoo