Happy Birthday to Goo Hyesun, SE7EN, 8Eight Lee Hyun, and LYn!

Happy Birthday to actress Goo Hyesun, and singers SE7EN, 8Eight Lee Hyun, and LYn!

The four talented celebrities have reached their next birthdays on November 9th, with Goo Hyesun and SE7EN reaching 30 years old, Lee Hyun reaching 31 years of age, and LYn turning the prime young adult age of 33. All are slowly reaching the ultimate young adult age as they delve deeper into their careers.

Goo Hyesun has recently focused on singing, as she had released her 6th single “Floral Rain” back on October 17th for fans to enjoy a sweet, romantic ballad amidst the chillier season. This song had marked her one-year span as a singer thus far, and is also an OST for her most recent movie “Daughter,” which has been released on November 6th.

8Eight’s Lee Hyun had been resting from promotions following his summer track “It Girl” with his Homme partner 2AM‘s Changmin and Nine MusesKyungri. However, as the song had garnered much success, fans could expect further collaborations and tracks to come in the future.

LYn, on the other hand, is still promoting her comeback track “Thank You My Dear” for her live album HOME, as well as enjoying her married life with MC the Max’s Lee Soo.

And finally, SE7EN will be discharged from the military on December 28th, though the current status of his contract with YG Entertainment has yet to be confirmed until after his return.

Congratulations to all four stars for reaching yet another year! What do you think each of them will present to their fans throughout 2015?