Happy birthday to Shinhwa’s Hyesung, EXO-K’s Chanyeol, Nam Bo Ra, and LABOUM’s Yulhee!

Happy Birthday to Shinhwa‘s Hyesung, EXO-K’s Chanyeol, Nam Bo Ra, and LABOUM’s Yulhee as they all share November 27th as their birthday!

Shinhwa’s Hyesung turns 36. Hyseung was the first member to be in Shinhwa, the longest running K-Pop band yet, in 1998. Later on, Hyseung branched off to be a solo artist with his album Love May in 2005, The Beginning, New Days in 2007, and The Road Not Taken in 2011. In 2012, he reunited with Shinhwa under their own company, creating their album The Return. Since then, he was a K-Pop representative at the West Bank Music Festival in Shanghai.

EXO-K’s Chanyeol turns 23. Chanyeol started his career with a series of appearances in SM Entertainment music videos (TVXQ‘s
“HaHaHa Song,” TaeTiSeo‘s “Twinkle,” Girls’ Generation‘s Japanese version of “Genie”) before debuting with EXO in 2012. He was the last member of EXO to be introduced.  Since then, he has been known as being very talented in song writing (writing the rap portion of EXO’s “Run”) and for his abilities to play many instruments.

Nam Bo Ra turns 26. The actress began her career in 2003 for her appearance in Sol Flower’s Ach, Aching. Since then she has acted in many famous works including The Moon Embracing the Sun and Death Bell 2.

Finally, rookie group LABOUM’S Yulhee turns 18. This maknae’s group debuted in October with their singles “Pit-a-Pat” and “What About You?”.