Haru promotes high speed internet in new Olleh CF

Tablo‘s daughter, Lee Haru, plays a martial artist in Olleh‘s new CF.

The CF opens with Haru looking nervous and pensive as she watches other students breaking boards with ease. Fear not little Haru, because Giga is here to give you the strength you need!

Olleh’s CF introduces faster internet speeds with the new Giga Project, which aims to upgrade its IT infrastructure in South Korea. By 2020, the Giga Project hopes to bring the country broadband that is 40 times faster than in it was in 2012, the year when the project launched. Olleh’s CF claims Giga speed will help you accomplish your goals just as it helped Haru in martial arts!

Recently, Haru has been showing support for her dad Tablo, through Instagram as they made their return with the album Shoebox.

Check out Haru’s adorable nervousness as she reaches toward her martial arts aspirations.

Source: NewsWorld Korea, Olleh