HeartB reveals second video teaser for “Missing You” ft. Zia

On January 5th, HeartB revealed a second music video teaser for his collaboration track with singer Zia.

HeartB previously shared an initial video teaser and album cover for this comeback. Now, fans can get even more excited about “Missing You” with this second music video teaser.

The video opens with a peaceful winter morning, showing scenes of various people carrying on with their day to day activities. Whether it be riding a bike, taking a bus, or going to work, the music video’s characters appear to have something on their minds.

Soon, a dramatic accident seen from the perspective of a CCTV security camera vastly changes the mood of the music video teaser. The two singers’ voices climax in a beautiful harmony with the colorful string accompaniment.

In related news, Zia recently made a comeback with her track “Bad Rumor” late last year.

“Missing You” is set to be released on January 7th.

Take a look at the music video below: