Heechul reminisces old Super Junior times with Kibum and Hangeng

In the wee early morning of December 11th, Super Junior’s Kim Heechul updated his personal Instagram account with a funky old group photo of Super Junior from nine years ago when Kibum and Hangeng were still in the team.

Heechul captioned the photo with “Don’t let your guard down, Lee Hyukjae. You are going to have this hairstyle kekekekekekekeke Hold on!! I don’t think the hair is the only problem here?! Ya, Hyukjae-ah. What happened to you in 2006….(T^T) #IncaseEunhyukcantfindthisimtagginghim #PATAYA #Longtimenosee”

The group photo was taken back in the first half of 2006 when Super Junior attended their first promotional activities in Thailand at the Pattaya Music Festival, hence the special hashtag by Heechul “ไม่ได้พบกันนาน”, which meant long time no see.

The yellow themed outfits of the 12 members coincidentally matched well with the event’s poster backdrop. In particular, what stood out the most was the epic hairstyles by each of the members. Although Heechul was using the photo to poke fun at Eunhyuk, it has brought much laughter to his followers as those were the days when they looked cool with the hairstyles.

While Kyuhyun had yet to join Super Junior at that time, the photo brings back memories as it included Kibum and Hangeng, who were sitting in the first row.