Heize Rushed Off Stage In Tears After Fans Did This

Heize debuted in 2014, but her popularity finally shot up in 2016. She’s gained a lot of fans and recently shared a tender moment with them.

During one of her recent concerts, Heize encouraged fans to sing along with her. As the fans began to sing her song, she broke down into tears.

The video shows Heize as she points the microphone toward the crowd and becomes visibly taken back as fans begin to sing. Heize later runs to the side of the stage to dry her tears before coming back to thank her fans for knowing the words to her song.

Heize’s popularity rose after appearing as a contestant in Mnet‘s Unpretty Rapstar Vol.2. Although her debut mini album was released in 2014, it was her 2016 mini album and music video releases with singer Dean that helped her popularity rise to mainstream audiences.

Watch Heize’s heartfelt response to fans below.