Hello Venus reenacts childhood photos

On November 14th, Hello Venus uploaded an album of all of their members recreating old childhood photos onto their official Facebook page. 

The photos include Nara sitting in a UFO kiddie ride, Alice with her mouth open and head titled, Lime with a lollipop, and more! The six member girl group looked extremely cute posing for the throwback pictures, displaying silly innocence that contrasted greatly with their new-found sexy image.

Netizen reaction was extremely positive, with comments along the lines of: “so cute!“, “very beautiful“, and “So Pretty“. Fans noted that the girls still resembled their childhood appearances and complimented them on their natural beauty. The post also got a lot of attention for the awkward photo editing done in Nara’s and Yeoreum’s pictures to include the UFO ride and tube float, respectively.

After a year of hiatus and a line-up change, Hello Venus finally made a comeback recently with their new track “Sticky Sticky”, which was released on November 6th. Have you checked it out yet?

You can see the album of Hello Venus reenacting their old childhood photos below!