Hello Venus releases school girl version of “Sticky Sticky”

On December 1st, Hello Venus released a dance performance of their new song “Sticky Sticky” while styled in school girl outfits.

The girls have decided to stick with their sexy concept, despite speculations regarding the bleak departure from the group’s original cute and innocent image. Clad in tight dress shirts and short plaid skirts, the members of Hello Venus looked every bit the part of innocent school girls. To complement the theme, the girls even filmed their dance performance in a school gym, complete with basketball hoops and all!

The group recently made a comeback with “Sticky Sticky” and since then their music video has garnered over 600,000 views on YouTube. “Sticky Sticky,” which was composed by Brave Brothers and Elephant Kingdom, is a mid-tempo track that emphasizes on the percussion and groove, allowing the members to show off edgier qualities of their soft and alluring vocals. Filled with an instrumentation featuring bold brass and saxophones, as well as a bold hook, the track aims to keep listeners repeating the song over and over again.

The group’s sexy costumes and mesmerizing choreography for the school girl dance version is sure to draw even more viewers and fans!