Hello Venus releases “Sticky Sticky” MV

On November 6th, Hello Venus has returned with the release of the music video for their title track, “Sticky Sticky”!

The group has been teasing fans non-stop with an album cover and video and image teasers. Composed by Brave Brothers and Elephant Kingdom, the track has a bold hook that aims to keep listeners repeating the track over and over again.

Just as shown in the teasers, the music video is set in a candy shop as the members show off their choreography to the appropriately named “Aphrodite dance”. The dance, combined with the tight and revealing outfits, reveals the members’ slim bodies. The colorful background and lighting of the music video goes well with the candy and eye candy surrounding “Sticky Sticky”.

“Sticky Sticky” is a mid-tempo track with an emphasis on the percussion and groove, allowing the members to show off edgier qualities of their soft and alluring vocals. An instrumentation filled with bold brass and saxophones contributes to this mood.

At the end of the story, the group exchanges their serious and sexy expressions for humorous personalities as they slap away the cameraman’s hand and shoo him out of the scene to close the video.

Check out the music video here: