Hello Venus teaches the point dance to “Wiggle Wiggle”

On January 6th, Hello Venus shared a point choreography video lessons so that fans could dance along to the group’s latest comeback track, “Wiggle Wiggle.”

The dance to Hello Venus’ track is familiar to fans after the unveiling of a dance practice video. Now, fans can follow along to the main points of the sexy dance with the new release of the point choreography lesson by the girls of Hello Venus themselves.

The video begins with a short introduction before the group teaches the first of two dance moves. The first lesson teaches the bold shirt lifting section of the dance that caught much attention. After teaching the timing of the move, the group demonstrates the dance, once again proving their strong dancing skills.

Next, a dance named after the song title “Wiggle Wiggle” is shown. The girls stand in a line and shake their right legs to the beat, giving fans a cool and mature image.

Learn how the dance for “Wiggle Wiggle” with Hello Venus here: