Henry accidentally sets himself on fire while filming for “We Got Married”

On this week’s broadcast of popular MBC variety show We Got Married, Super Junior‘s Henry accidentally caught himself on fire while cooking a meal.

During this week’s episode, which aired on April 18th in Korea, Henry showcased his cooking skills yet again by making an omelette as a midnight snack for his onscreen wife, Yewon. He displayed his knife skills as he effortlessly cut the ingredients for the omelette including peppers, onions, and chicken. He even used this situation to jokingly scare Yewon, as he suddenly screamed like he had sliced himself with the knife while cutting the onions.

Unfortunately, karma came back to him after pulling this joke on Yewon as later on he accidentally caught himself on fire due to the flames he created while cooking. Unknowingly, Henry burned the top part of his hair in the front because the flames were so high. It was only when Yewon pointed out the missing section of his hair that he noticed it was gone.

Upon seeing this, the hosts of the show including Heo Gyeong Hwan and Eric Nam laughed hysterically.

Previously, the Henry-Yewon couple was in question after Yewon’s recent controversy. However, despite this, they have continued filming for the show.

Check out the clip below to see just how high the flames were that Henry burnt his own hair on!

Source: Herald ReviewStar and MBCentertainment