Henry shows his humor after snapping his violin bow on stage

On December 6th, Super Junior-M’s Henry makes a cute mistake by breaking his violin bow while performing on stage, but covers it up with a hilarious apology!

Henry was performing with his Super Junior members at their concert Super Show 6 in Osaka, where an unexpected event happened during his solo stage. While taking the stage for a tribute to Michael Jackson with “Smooth Criminal,” his strings came lose during the performance. However, he still professionally ended his stage even with the mistake, going on to mimick Michael Jackson’s trademark moonwalk.

After the concert ended, Henry apologized on his personal Instagram account, saying that this is his first time breaking his bow while performing. He also told his fans jokingly that he can now go fishing with his broken bow, coupled with an adorable photo, making it easier for fans to forgive him for his stage mistake.

Henry is not only impressive with his violin skills, as the musically-inclined star had also amazed everyone with his piano talent on variety program Star King.