Henry visits Amber’s dorm to help her prepare for “Real Men”

In a recent episode of MBC’s Real Men, Super Junior-M and variety show cast member Henry visited his friend and fellow SM Entertainment artist Amber to help her pack for the show’s female special. 

Airing on January 18th, the two SM artists revealed their close friendship as they interacted humorously while packing. Coming up to Amber’s dorm and ringing the doorbell, a parody scene from the Disney movie Frozen soon unfolded before viewers.

As Henry asked for Amber to open the door, who blatantly refused and asked for the “magic word,” Henry sang, “Do you want to build a snowman?” Wasting no time, Amber quickly answer, “No!”, prompting Henry to sadly sing, “Ok, bye…” and walk away.

Finally allowing him inside, the two hug, but quickly escalated to Amber putting him in a choke hold and on the ground, continuing her fighting pose.

As the duo get to packing, as Amber will be featuring in an upcoming female special episode of Real Men alongside seven other entertainers, Henry mentions that Amber could be G.I Jane, or G.I Amber. This cause Amber to sigh in embarrassment, going “Oh my god..so stupid.”

Continuing on, Henry suggests the things to bring, such as a hot pack, but lists items not to bring such as computers, cell phones, and…a yoga mat? Viewers are quickly taken back to the time Henry joined the variety show, revealing he had brought a yoga mat and sunglasses, bewildering the staff.

Despite Amber’s upbeat personality, the scene quickly flashes forward to the future, revealing Amber crying, surrounded by the rest of the female cast as they attempt to console her.

The first episode of the second female special of Real Men will air on January 25th.