Henry’s father reveals he wasn’t happy when his son passed the SM Entertainment auditions

Super Junior-M member and soloist Henry revealed the backstory of his auditions for SM Entertainment with his own father revealing how he felt after finding out his son passed.

The episode aired on July 18th and featured the cast of JTBC‘s Where Is My Friend’s House visiting Henry’s family home in Canada.

During a dinner, it was revealed Henry left home at 17 years old to go to South Korea following his successful audition for SM Entertainment.

When asked about how he felt about Henry passing the SM Entertainment auditions, Henry’s father said, “One day, Henry told me he was going to the SM auditions after school. When he told me he was accepted, I wasn’t very happy,” adding that Henry getting accepted meant his son would be leaving home to go to Korea.

Henry’s mother revealed that at the time, “At the beginning, I wasn’t so comfortable him leaving home and go to Korea at 17 years old.” His father picked up, “It’s his passion. So I asked his mom to go along with him to see what’s going on there. And mom said ‘Really good. SM is like Hollywood.’ So I felt a bit at ease, much better.”

Henry hilariously cut off his dad, saying, “No no no no, he’s lying,” making his mother chuckle, “At the beginning, he said no.”

His father clarified, “After a couple of months, he called back. I still remember until today. I felt like he was crying, homesick crying. His tone was very shaky. And I said, ‘Henry, imagine that one day you are successful, and once you are successful, look at the Beatles, like Elvis, all the people [goes] ‘aahh!!’ and everyone is chasing after you, that is your success.’ After a couple of years, he made it. And I’m proud of him.”

Watch the video below:

Source: TV Report