Here’s 15 Photos Of BTS Wearing Suspenders For Your Viewing Pleasure

Who rocks suspenders the best?

Something about a guy in suspenders has us feeling some type of way. Here’s a suave collection of BTS wearing trousers for your (and our) viewing pleasure.

1. Sultry-eyed Jungkook

2. Suga vibing out in suspenders and leather pants

3. V looking quite dapper with his suspenders and glasses

4. Cutie RM matching his pink hair with his striped shirt

5. Gentleman Jungkook

6. Suga rocking the white suspenders

7. Sexy men with cross suspenders

8. Preppy boy Suga

9. A little ‘Old Town Road’ if you will

10. Simple yet classy

11. Can’t hide J-Hope’s sunshine

12. CEO Jin vibes

13. Suga in his preppy boy element

14. Leader RM looking like a fashion model

15. BTS dressed up. What more can you ask for?