Here’s 20 Photos Of BTS Rockin’ The Classic Blonde Hairstyle

Who looks the best in blonde?

We know just how crazy and fun BTS can be with their hairstyles, from mullets to any color of the rainbow, they’ve got it all! Here’s a list of all the members rocking the classic blonde hair look.


1. Jungkook gives off a different chic vibe with his blonde hair


2. V looks like a charming prince from a comic book.


3. Jimin flawlessly pulls off blonde hair any day.


4. His blonde hair also seems to match his pale skin complexion.


5. Platinum blonde just takes it to a whole different level.


6. Jin looking playful with his blonde hair.


7. His hair up gives off a whole different vibe.


8. Jin pulls off the college boy look so well.


9. Leader RM looks charismatic with his blonde hair.


10. V’s side profile plus blonde hair is just double the goodness.


11. Suga and blonde hair is something we all need more of.


12. Jin and a bandana gives off college boy sporty vibes.


13. RM with his hair up suits his face shape and character.


14. J-hope is a ball of sunshine with his blonde hair.


15. Even blonde with orange undertones looks great on him.


16. Wavy hair J-Hope is cuteness on another level.


17. We all love our ray of sunshine!


18. Jungkook is truly the golden maknae with his platinum blonde hair.

19. There isn’t really any hairdo that he can’t pull off!


20. Suga sweet is what this is!

Which member looks the best in blonde? What other styles do you like from BTS? Let us know!