Here’s How BTS’s Jin Flawlessly Handles A Stand Mic Malfunction

Nice one, Jin.

As a K-Pop artist and performer, it is inevitable to avoid malfunctions while performing on stage, may it be wardrobe problems, technical errors, or even props.

While many rookie idols may be flustered with these malfunctions, BTS’s Jin shows us how it’s done. 7 years in the industry has made him a natural in seamlessly making a prop malfunction become part of the performance.

Here are some photos of Jin killing it with the broken stand mic and looking flawless like always.


Oh oops, looks like I can’t use this mic stand anymore.


No problem, I’ve got this.


Yup, I’m leaning on the mic stand as if it’s part of the performance.


…and i’m looking pretty awesome doing it.


No need to thank me guys. The stand did it all.


Success. Mission complete.


Dare I say he did a smooth job in using that broken mic stand to its full potential.

Source: nate