HEYNE releases second video teaser for “My Heart”

After releasing the first video teaser for her upcoming digital single “My Heart” a couple of days ago, HEYNE released a second teaser for the track on February 27th.

Like the first video, the new video features a mid-tempo piano arrangement in the background, accompanied with a short video of the singer.

Unlike in the first video, in which the singer was seen spending time sewing a cute doll, HEYNE spends the second video outdoors enjoying the cold yet beautiful winter. Throughout the several scenes depicted in the short video, the singer holds up various signs which read out a message to her fans.

The message reads, “I love you, I love you; this is what my heart is saying.” In addition to the message, she also displayed signs that read “I love you” in several different languages, including English, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, and French.

Check out the cute second teaser for HEYNE’s fourth digital single “My Heart” below: