HEYNE shows her doll-like heart in “My Heart” MV

After releasing several video teasers for her newest digital single, singer HEYNE finally released the music video for “My Heart.” 

Combining the different aspects of the previously-released teasers, HEYNE creates a sweet music video that is both cute and touching. With her sweet and powerful voice, the singer is able to convey the chaotic feelings of the heart.

The music video for “My Heart” features the singer in a variety of locations, and utilizes the same signs as seen previously in the second video teaser for the track. The different locations and outfits in the music video help paint the image that love knows no boundaries and that love sometimes can’t be explained.

The high tone of HEYNE’s voice and the powerful message behind the song makes “My Heart” a unique and touching song. Make sure to check out the music video for the track below!