Hi.Ni releases “Clutch Bag” MV

Hi.Ni releases her music video for “Clutch Bag”. which features hip-hop artist Yang Dong Geun.

In the music video for her catchy new song “Clutch Bag”, Hi.Ni heavily emphasizes red in her outfits. She wears red lipstick and nail polish and dresses in alternating red dresses, sweaters, and skirts.

Hi.Ni presents her different clutch bags in two different scenarios throughout the video. The song starts out with the star sitting in her dressing room. As she does her makeup, the clutch bag sits on the table next to her. Next, Hi.Ni walks past a show window, eyeing a blue clutch bag in the window display. She pictures herself as the mannequin holding the bag behind the glass.

The music video then shows “Secret in Clutch Bag: With sweet lies”, where Hi.Ni sits at a table with her mirror image on the other side. Each scene presented in the video shows Hi.Ni’s dreams and realities surrounding her love of clutch bags.

“Clutch Bag” has a light, pop feel to it with Hi.Ni’s mid-range vocals. The dance features funky moves that as the artist shows off her slim figure with a crew of dancers dressed in black.

The track “Clutch Bag” is the title track of her newest album of the same name. Clutch Bag is a seven-track album and has other songs such as “Queen” and “Bitter Sweet Revenge”.

Check out her music video below!