HIGH4 releases making film for “Day by Day” MV

On January 6th, boy group HIGH4 released a short making video for the music video of their recent comeback track “Day by Day.” 

As the song plays in the background of the one minute and thirty second making video, NAP Entertainment gave fans a chance to check out the set of HIGH4’s “Day by Day” music video. The boys showed professionalism by keeping calm and composed while watching their own emotional performances that featured the group shedding some tears.

HIGH4 also listened attentively and responded positively as they received tips from the director, allowing them to pull off the convincing performance.

The group released their music video for “Day by Day” on January 5th and have received overwhelmingly positive responses from fans so far. In light of their new release, the group is also preparing for their Japanese debut next month.

Make sure to check out the short making film for HIGH4’s “Day by Day” below!

2014 International Hallyu Awards (2014IHA)
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