Homme sings of a bold confession of love in “Just Come To Me”

On March 31st, male vocal duo Homme made a comeback with the release of their latest music video “Just Come To Me.”

The mid-tempo love song revolves around a bold and straightforward confession of a man in love who does not have any interest in playing the games that are usually associated with the ritual of dating.

The music video portrays this simple love through the interaction of two on-screen lovers and actors, their affections for each other made even more enjoyable for fans due to the large height difference between the two. The leading lady is said to be a current Big Hit Entertainment trainee by the name of Lee Sehee.

BTS members Jimin and Jungkook also showed their support by uploading a short cover onto Twitter, encouraging fans to check out the newly released tune.

Check out “Just Come To Me” here: