Hong Jin Young releases “Love Wifi” MV teaser

Lovable and cute trot singer Hong Jin Young is ready to capture your heart again with her upcoming single, “Love Wifi,” and has released the first video teaser on February 3rd. 

As a melancholic piano arrangement plays, a cleaning lady is seen struggling as she cleans a public bathroom, mopping and cleaning the glasses. Though seen unable to clean up the toilets, on the verge of throwing up, she continues her work earnestly before sighing in tiredness as she leans against the wall.

A more upbeat tone transitions in as the cleaning lady nears a box, but small television that seems to be emitting a signal. Picking up on it, the cleaning lady’s “wifi” icon appears above her head as the words, “Honey! I got promoted!!” appears. Hong Jin Young appears on the old television, a hip-hop breakdown soon playing and the cleaning lady is seen popping and locking.

Hong Jin Young’s “Love Wifi” single is set to be released on February 4th.