HOTSHOT makes their debut with “Take A Shot” MV

HOTSHOT is ready to make you feel high with the release of their explosive debut track as they unveil the full music video for “Take A Shot”. 

Released through CJ E&M Music‘s official Youtube account on October 28th, “Take A Shot” is a beat and vocal-centric track that is a mix of genres with elements of dubstep and heavy electric guitar riffs prominently featured. The track is also produced by Zoombas, the production team behind  EXO‘s popular track, “Growl.”  The video is also a geometrical wonder that experiments with unique editing techniques.

HOTSHOT is comprised of members Junhyuk, Sungwoon,Yoonsan, Hojeong, Kid Monster, and Timoteo and is managed by the label K.O Sound.

The new group strives to become known for their musical talents rather than just their performance abilities. Because of this, members of HOTSHOT have taken part in composing their own tracks.