HOTSHOT releases music video for “Watch Out”

After the exciting announcement about their April comeback, hip-hop rookie group HOTSHOT released the music video for the eye-catching song “Watch Out” on April 24th. 

As a timer counted down from three and quickly went to one, the catchy hip-hop beat dropped as they members were seen dancing to their laid back choreography. The music video incorporated colorful smoke and lights while HOTSHOT showcased their unique vocals.

“Watch Out” is one out of the many songs that are featured on their mini-album Am I HOTSHOT?, which was also released on April 24th. Their mini-album consists of five tracks, “Midnight Sun,” “Watch Out,” “Rain on Me,” “Take a Shot,” and the instrumental version of “Watch Out.”

Meanwhile, HOTSHOT debuted with the music video for “Take a Shot” in October and made a strong comeback as they released the music video for “Midnight Sun” in March.