Huh Gak releases second teaser clip for “Snow of April”

Just hours after releasing the first teaser video for his latest track, solo singer Huh Gak released a second video teaser for “Snow of April”. 

As with the first teaser video, the second teaser clip runs for 21 seconds, and features the same clip of the song. However, whereas the first clip was of overlooking a bridge as snow slowly falls, the second clip focuses on a weird phenomenon of snow falling inside a home.

Flashing from a scene of a table to one of a bed, and then to one of a washer, snow can be seen rapidly falling despite the entire setting being indoors. As the same actor sits on the floor of the house, he gives the same look of reminiscence as from the first teaser.

With such an interesting pair of teaser videos, the A Cube Entertainment solo singer’s comeback looks to be quite intriguing. Check out the second teaser video for Huh Gak’s “Snow of April” below!