Hyeri takes a nap for “Star1” magazine

Girl’s Day‘s Hyeri poses in an all white photo shoot on a bed for her latest photo shoot for Star1 magazine.

Hyeri is glowing brightly as she takes a nap in her latest pictorial for Star1. Dressed in all white while posing on a white bed, Hyeri’s photo shoot gives a sense of serenity and innocence to her character.

Tucked in and cradling a giant perfume bottle, Hyeri shows off a graceful and angelic aura while enjoying the comfort of the bed.

She then wakes up and sits on the bed with her head cocked to the side, holding multiple ornament shaped perfume bottles. Hyeri displays a sleepy, yet thoughtful facial expression as she looks into the camera.

Hyeri was also recently featured in a photo shoot for Sure magazine where she shows her sexy and poised self.

Source: Money Today News, KMagazineLovers