Hyosung dons her Lee Hyori-outfit in dance practice video for “10 Minutes” and “U-Go-Girl”

SECRET‘s Hyosung shares a dance practice video of herself and her backup dancers as they put in last minute work to perfecting their commemoration stage to diva Lee Hyori

Donning part of her stage’s outfit, which consists of a red plaid skirt and white sleeve crop top, Hyosung and company are completely in-sync during their practice run of the performance. With the music and Hyosung’s recorded vocals playing in the background, their steps can be completely heard as a single move.

The SECRET member was given the honors to perform a commemorative stage to Lee Hyori’s “10 Minutes” and “U-Go-Girl,” no doubt the latter’s biggest solo hits, via Mnet‘s 20th anniversary celebrations on last week’s M! Countdown (March 5th) episode. It was later revealed that her outfit was personally given to her by Lee Hyori as a gift.