Hyoyeon dances flawlessly to sped-up versions of Girls’ Generation’s songs

Hyoyeon kicked off her promotional run with a start by dancing to double-speed versions of Girls’ Generation’s hit tracks. 

Nine years since her debut, Hyoyeon finally released her first solo single, Mystery, and shared the anxiety of promoting it without the members. A recent episode through a live broadcasting app showed Hyoyeon commemorating the release of her single.

For the past few days, Hyoyeon’s teaser images and preview videos received a great deal of attention. She talked about her concept in great length and explained, “The overall tone of lyrics and outfits are dreamy. The ‘Latin-style’ music was also not performed within the group and the track goes well with my husky voice.” 

The broadcast also served as a way to communicate with her fans and was impressed by the responses both locally and internationally. As a treat, she danced to sped-up versions of Girls’ Generation’s “Mr. Taxi” and “Hoot,” proving her skills on the dance floor once more.

She also made a few hints about her choreography for “Mystery,” which added more anticipation for her first solo stage on Music Bank. Hyoyeon’s fans were thrilled with her joyful routine and excellent dance skills, starting a few nicknames for her choreography.

If you’re intrigued by Hyoyeon’s first week of solo promotions, have a quick look at her full music video below.

Source: OSEN