[★TRENDING] Hyoyeon shares a video of her DRASTIC hairstyle transformation

Hyoyeon began her own show Hyoyeon 100 Million Likes by taking her fans with her for a drastic change at the salon in preparation for Girls’ Generation’s upcoming comeback.

The episode started with Hyoyeon discussing the show’s concept and content with the production theme. It continued with a short introduction of her daily activities such as meeting with fellow member Sooyoung, playing with nails and body arts, playing with her poodles, Vivian and Barbara, and more.

However, fans were most excited to see Hyoyeon at the hair salon the next day as she prepared to redo her hair. It is well known that Hyoyeon has rocked light colored hair since “The Boys” in 2011 and has only gone lighter blonde since. She even points out that while she had rainbow colors in her hair for “I Got a Boy” her hair was still, for the most part, blonde.

Hyoyeon, Vivian, and her hair stylist discussed what to do with her hair next – trying on different wigs and colors – before ultimately deciding to chop her long hair off for a stylish long bob before dying it.

The idol also opened a new Instagram account to chronicle her journey through the show and has been sharing precious behind the scenes moments through the SNS platform.

Check out the episode below to see Hyoyeon’s new cut and color and follow her on her new Instagram account!