Hyun Bin, Han Ji Min and more attend “Hyde, Jekyll, and I” first script reading session

SBS releases a sneak peek from their recent script reading session for their latest Wednesday-Thursday drama series, Hyde, Jekyll, and I. 

On December 18th, SBS released photos from their first session with director Jo Young Kwang, writer Kim Ji Woon, creator Kim Young Hyun and Park Sang Yeon, Hyun Bin, Han Ji Min, Sung Joon, Lee Duk Hwa, Han Sang Jin, Lee Seung Joon, Lee Won Keun, Kwang Hee Sung, Lee Se Na, Oh Na Ri, and their staff members in attendance. The photos were taken from December 2nd.

Despite the ice cold weather outside and meeting altogether for the first time, the atmosphere of the script reading, from the introductory greetings to the reading itself, were very warm. Director Jo Young Kwang expressed his support for the cast, saying, “We did our very best to find the perfect person for every character, and we think we found the perfect cast. The upcoming film schedule will be very jam-packed, but I hope for everyone’s fullest efforts in the process.”

Even among the star-studded cast, Hyun Bin stood out as one person to especially look out for in the new drama. In Hyde, Jekyll, and I, Hyun Bin will be playing the role of both the kindest man in the world and the most evil. Clearly demonstrating the effort that went into creating the subtle nuances between the two characters, Hyun Bin showed the fruits of his labor by acting the parts of two people with polar opposite personalities. After his reading, the room was filled with applause for his performance.

Playing the part of circus leader Jang Ha Na, Han Ji Min seemed a woman possessed, seeming to become the character even though she was only reading the lines from a script. Many staff members were elated to see her passion for her new role. Furthermore, the specialist known for his unique roles, Sung Joon, also impressed with his calm, collected and solid acting. Reports indicate the other actors all showed strong acting foundations, and even the rookie actors showed their charisma at the reading enough to make the script reading seem like the actual set. The script reading concluded after four hours.

The pilot episode of Hyde, Jekyll, and I, a romantic comedy of a man with extremely bi-polar dual personalities and the woman who falls in love with him (resulting in a very interesting love triangle), will follow the broadcast of Pinocchio in January 2015.

Source: Herald Corp