Hyunseung shares behind the scenes video for “You’re The First” MV

On May 8th, BEAST’s Hyunseung shared a behind the scenes video showing the making of his debut solo music video, “You’re The First.”

Following the release of his solo mini-album and title track “You’re The First,” Hyunseung took viewers to the set of his music video.

In it, the idol showcases his various outfits and hairstyles from the many scenes in the music video. In addition to his various outfits, Hyunseung appears in different moods as well ranging from adorable aegyo to sexy and steamy.

Although filming the music video seemed exhausting as he sometimes appeared tired after continuous retakes, the music video filming was successful with the featuring of Hwang Seung Eon and Giriboy who left messages of support for him.

Check it out here: