I Taught a Rap Class at a K-Pop Training Center – Part 1

K-Pop is unstoppable. From selling pistachios at the Super Bowl to entertaining tweens on the Disney Channel, Korean pop music and culture is infiltrating homes all around the world. Born Star Academy in Seoul has been providing the service of incubating raw talent for major entertainment companies to take to the next level. Recently, Born Star opened their first stateside academy in Koreatown of New York City in hopes to find that same kind of raw talent in the Empire State.

However, before K-Pop invaded NYC, it was hip-hop that ruled the land, and hip-hop culture has its obvious influences on Korean pop. With reality show rap contests in Korea like Show Me The Money and Unpretty Rapstar, there’s been a huge spike in interest in hip-hop and the art of rapping.

Born Star Academy witnessed this need from their students first hand; therefore, they created a course for them to learn what rap is and how it’s done – I was invited as a guest teacher for the course.

Watch the video below for the first installment of this three part series.

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