iKON’s B.I and Bobby announce giveaway contest with Adidas

iKON‘s B.I and Bobby are back with Adidas, this time to show off their new winter coats and to announce a contest for a special prize!

In their video message, B.I and Bobby show off their new Adidas wear with some behind the scenes shots from their photoshoot last week with Adidas for High Cut magazine. Bobby calls fans to “Wear these winter jackets and let’s go out!” instead of being cooped up at home due to the cold weather. B.I first introduces his own jacket, the ClimateHeat Spear, and confirms that it is indeed the perfect jacket because “when you wear it, it feels nice and it’s comfortable.” Meanwhile, Bobby says that he’s going to wear his Shiny Down jacket next time he goes snowboarding, saying, “It fits well and it’s casual so it’ll go with any outfit.”

Regarding the contest, Bobby announces, “Wear these jackets in coolly (handsomely), like us and if you take a picture and post it with a comment to Facebook,” “You get something special through our lottery!” B.I finishes.

The duo finish it off with a little rap, “Adidas Jackets, the connection between you and I” and ask fans to participate with a heated response.

Fans can participate through the contest’s website and post their photos between December 19th and January 8th. Winners will be announced the following day on January 9th so make sure to join in the event!