iKON’s Bobby makes hearts flutter with his luxurious abs on “Sugarman”

Known for his rapping style and charisma, iKON’s Bobby makes female hearts flutter once more as he reveals his luxurious abdominal muscles. 

Appearing on the January 19th broadcast of Sugarman, iKON was asked if they have any weapons to capture their female fans’ attention. To this, iKON inevitably pointed out Bobby’s abs with Yoo Jae Suk and Yoo Hee Yeol encouraging the rapper to show it to the audience.

As Bobby shyly lifts his top up for the panelists to see, he did not realise that the audience was not able to look at it properly, therefore, revealed his abdominal once more for the rest of the members to see.

Check out the full clip below.

Source: Dispatch