Im Se Jun laments about a “Lie” in new MV

Five months after his last release, singer Im Se Jun presented fans with the music video for his latest song “Lie.”

The music video and song both tell a story of a couple that is seemingly happy, but is plagued with a cheating girlfriend. Released five months after his song “Baby I Love,” the video description for Im Se Jun’s “Lie” described the song as one that is about the “miserable feelings when knowing the everything of the beloved one was all lies with the lyrics.

It also adds, “The song is singing one man’s heart who wants to lose his hand from unexpected betrayal but cannot for stupid expectation that things could change as time goes by.” With Im Se Jun’s powerful and emotional voice, coupled with the well-realized music video, “Lie” is truly able to capture the feelings of a torn heart.

Make sure to check out the music video for Im Se Jun’s “Lie” below: